Alexandre Orrico

Community Manager, Portuguese

I always liked hearing stories. This prompted me to seek out journalism and to be dazzled by the possibilities of the internet and social networks to connect people. This interest led me to ICFJ, where I lead the Portuguese version of the Global Health Crisis Reporting Forum, an initiative that connects journalists with experts on COVID-19.

My background: My main professional experiences are a mix of tech journalism with content creation for social media. I spent 10 years between being a technology reporter/editor at Folha de S.Paulo (the biggest newspaper in Brazil) and an editor at BuzzFeed Brazil. I'm also the founding editor of Nucleo Jornalism, a platform created to investigate the impacts of social media on people's lives. I have a deep interest in managing teams and helping others achieve their best.

Ask me about: Writing, memes, viral content and cats

My pronouns: He/him/his

Contact me: and on LinkedIn