Camila Hernández Corena

Program Assistant

Camila Hernández Corena is responsible for providing support to ICFJ Senior Staff in the development and implementation of programs for journalists across the globe. This includes assisting with program finances, logistics, content and translation. 

Hernández recently graduated from Saint Joseph’s University, where she obtained a degree in International Relations & Affairs. While at university, she received recognition for her Capstone thesis on the conditions of possibility of the Catalan Nation in Northern Spain.

Originally from Mérida, Venezuela, she is a true global citizen who has lived and worked in the United States, Spain, Belgium, Germany and China. Exposure to different cultures, along with her knowledge of multiple foreign languages and her passion for writing, are at the origin of her interest in global journalism and its focus on issues that transcend national boundaries. 

Through her formation in International Affairs she has come to believe that the news media are the single most fundamental tool that allow us not only to ensure political transparency, to safeguard our rights and to uphold the structures of modern democracy, but to effect social and economic change, and to ensure that the systems that govern our daily lives are efficacious, just and fair. Ultimately, this belief is what led her to join the ICFJ family.