Cristina Tardáguila

Senior Program Director

I’ve worked in journalism - as a reporter and as an editor - in different newsrooms and in different countries for many years. Now, as a senior program director at ICFJ, I am honored to say that I work for journalism and for journalists all over the world. My daily routine consists of planning and delivering a set of grants, fellowships and mentorship programs focused on media sustainability. Every good story deserves to be well planned and reach a large audience. And I am completely passionate about sharing what I’ve learned in this field with others.  

My background: I am Brazilian (born in Belo Horizonte) and I speak Portuguese, Spanish, English and a little bit of French. I’ve worked for Folha de S.Paulo, revista piauí and O Globo. In 2015, I founded the first fact-checking organization in Brazil (Agência Lupa) and became an entrepreneur who battles against mis/disinformation. 

From 2019 to 2021, I worked as the associate director of the International Fact-Checking Network and I coordinated 99 newsrooms in 77 countries while launching the #CoronaVirusFacts Alliance, the largest collaborative project ever created by the fact-checking community. As a fact-checker, I’ve covered four presidential elections (including the 2020 U.S election), the 2016 Olympic Games, the U.N. General Assembly, some G20 meetings and many environmental conferences. 

Ask me about: Mis/disinformation, media sustainability & viability, social media policies, Brazilian politics, pilates and - of course! - white wine

My pronouns: She/her

Contact me: and on Twitter