Lanaea C. Featherstone

Director, Strategic Partnerships

As the Director of Strategic Partnerships, Lanaea Featherstone is responsible for developing, cultivating and managing strategic relationships with major stakeholders.

In 2002, Featherstone organized an ICFJ program on freedom of expression in Venezuela that fueled her curiosity for journalism and international affairs. Her passion for languages took her to American University where she received a master’s degree in Spanish and Latin American studies. Featherstone holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Louisiana State University.

During her fourteen-year career at ICFJ, she served in leadership positions from deputy director of the ICFJ Knight Fellowships program to senior program director to director of development. Featherstone helped manage ICFJ’s annual awards dinner, a fundraising gala that attracts more than 600 media executives and corporations annually.

As a senior program director, Featherstone designed quality journalism programs in Latin America on issues ranging from immigration to freedom of expression. In 2008, she organized a major international conference in Sweden that brought together 55 media training organizations from 32 countries. As a former ICFJ intern, she credits the robust internship program for shaping her international career.

Featherstone has traveled to more than fourteen countries throughout Latin and Central America. She has been a featured panelist for U.S. News & World Report on topics related to the Latino community. In 2016, Featherstone was awarded an official Governor’s citation from the State of Maryland and honored with the Maryland Daily Record Newspaper’s VIP award. She’s fluent in Spanish.

Follow her @LCFeatherstone for more tweets on Latin America.