Luisa Pires Luciano

Program Assistant, ICFJ Knight Fellowships

Luisa Pires Luciano is a Program Assistant with the flagship program, ICFJ Knight Fellowships, where she supports Fellows working to design and implement a culture of news innovation and experimentation worldwide.

Pires Luciano is a current graduate student of Georgetown University, where she is working toward a Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution, with a certificate in Refugees and Humanitarian Emergencies. She recently graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a minor in Women’s Studies.

Pires Luciano believes in the importance of international cooperation and understanding, and hopes her work at ICFJ will lead to meaningful and positive change in people’s lives through the power of quality journalism. 

Her love for all things international led her to study abroad in Germany and South Korea during herB.A., and to work for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) as a Programme Division Intern before joining ICFJ. A native of Brazil, she speaks Portuguese and Spanish.

You can reach her at to learn more about ICFJ Knight Fellowships.