Oren Levine

Technical Adviser, Innovation

Oren Levine is responsible for technology strategy and projects supporting the work of ICFJ staff, fellows and program participants.

Levine joined ICFJ in 2016 once he saw the opportunity to apply his product and technology experience to support the ever-expanding capabilities of journalists worldwide.

He’s particularly proud of his work on ICFJ’s TruthBuzz contest, which identified creative ways to tell stories about fact-checking.

He has a background in web and mobile technology, managing educational media products at PBS and promoting mobile app development at Nokia. Levine also worked as a software developer, working on virtual reality and machine translation projects. He earned his master’s degree in Computer Systems Engineering from Northeastern University and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT.

Levine believes in the power of technology to amplify great reporting and storytelling. He tells his own stories through his original jazz songs.

Follow him at @olevine for tweets on media and technology, and @ohljazz for more about the music.