Rachel Snack

Development Assistant

It’s important to me to do work that helps others and makes the world a better place. I also value the role of storytelling in broadening our world view and motivating people to action. After working in other fundraising roles, I joined the team at ICFJ to gather resources to empower journalists to make a difference in their local communities. I support partnerships and events that enhance ICFJ's fundraising efforts, raise its visibility globally and attract new donors.

My background: I am an experienced fundraiser, writer and facilitator. At my previous organization, I raised over $200,000 to create inclusive communities for college students from diverse backgrounds, facilitate intercultural education and community service projects, and equip them for their futures after college. At ICFJ, I serve in a variety of roles, from keeping current donors involved to researching and communicating with new connections, as well as designing web pages and mail campaigns to promote our events.

I have a bachelor’s degree in English and communication from McDaniel College.

Ask me about: Podcasting, design, social justice and raising a toddler

My pronouns: She/her

Contact me: rsnack@icfj.org and on LinkedIn