Zainab Imam

Communications Manager

Zainab Imam joined ICFJ as a program assistant in July 2015 and rose to become responsible for multiple programs as a program manager. Now, as a member of the Communications team, she supports efforts to raise the visibility of ICFJ's programs and their impact, particularly through social media campaigns and media relations. 

Having worked as a journalist herself for five years in Pakistan, she is committed to supporting journalists around the world build their skills for more accurate and impactful reporting.

Before she came to ICFJ, Imam worked as a reporter and editor at The Express Tribune and Daily Times in Karachi. She is passionate about the power of good journalism to educate audiences about lesser-known regions of the world. Imam believes that journalism has its own language that transcends borders and her favorite thing about working at ICFJ is helping journalists from around the globe discover they’re more similar than different.

Previously at ICFJ, she worked on the U.S.-Pakistan Professional Partnership in Journalism, an exchange program between Pakistani and American journalists. She was also deeply involved in the establishment of the Center for Excellence in Journalism (CEJ) in Karachi, Pakistan. In addition, she managed the Bringing Home The World Fellowships which support U.S. minority journalists' foreign reporting projects, the Michael Elliott Award for Excellence in African Storytelling, and led several U.S. election reporting programs for foreign journalists. She also worked on programs for journalists in Central Asia and the Middle East. 

She earned her master's degree in Public Policy from The University of Chicago’s Harris School. She is a native speaker of Urdu and English, and knows elementary Punjabi and Persian. She serves as the Vice President of the South Asian Journalists Association.

She tweets at @zainabimam.