2014 Knight Award Winner: ‘Journalism Gave Me Platform’ to Change Society

Mar 52015

Oluwatoyosi Ogunseye, winner of the 2014 Knight International Journalism Award, says that journalists should view every story they work on as equally important.

“People ask me, ‘What’s your best story?’ And I say, ‘Every story that I’ve done.’ Because whether it’s a big story or a small story, I give the same dedication, I give it the same commitment that is required of me.”

And for Ogunseye, that mentality is about more than just her duty as a journalist.

“All the stories I’ve done are so dear to my heart but what makes me most proud is when I do a story and I see change,” she said. “The change doesn’t have to be for so many people. It could be just one person who is getting better healthcare, one person who is getting a better education because of my story.”

She says that’s what drew her to a career as a journalist. “I like to see a change in my society and journalism gave me that platform,” she said.

Ogunseye received the Knight Award at the International Center for Journalists’ 30th Anniversary Awards Dinner. She was recognized for her work as an investigative reporter whose environmental and health stories have made a widespread impact on Nigerian communities.