Amanpour: “Strong and Vital” Societies Need “Free and Rigorous” Journalism

November 1, 2011- Veteran foreign correspondent and television anchor Christiane Amanpour said that no country can be strong without the “amazing profession” of journalism. Read more

Media Expert Ken Auletta Urges Optimism about Journalism’s Future

November 1, 2011- New Yorker columnist and media critic Ken Auletta urged journalists around the world to “lean forward” into the future by embracing the digital age while also holding fast to their traditional role as story tellers and “intelligent agents.” Read more

Intrepid Reporters Honored for Unrivaled Coverage

November 1, 2011 – More than 600 media leaders and luminaries gathered at the International Center for Journalists’ Annual Awards Dinner in Washington to celebrate the work of journalists practicing the highest professional standards to make an impact on their societies. Read more

Secretary Clinton Salutes ICFJ Award Winners for Shedding Light on Hidden Issues

November 1, 2011- Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton praised ICFJ’s award winners for their “unwavering commitment to their profession.” She said that “through their work, (the honorees) have helped shed light on issues that were once hidden in the shadows.” Read more