India: ICFJ Knight Fellows for four roles at PROTO

The International Center for Journalists seeks outstanding applicants for ICFJ Knight Fellowship positions at PROTO — a startup that’s building community, software and services for civic media. PROTO is ICFJ’s implementing partner in India. Candidates with approximately 10 years’ experience in journalism, multimedia or data-led storytelling, and digital product/project management are encouraged to apply to be Fellows and work in a Producer role.

See the ICFJ Knight Fellowships' overview, our impact, list of Fellows and selection process, to better understand our work and targeted results. All of the Producer positions are full-time employees of PROTO based in New Delhi, with a one-year ICFJ Knight Fellowship that may be renewed contingent on performance and funding. Successful candidates will be expected to start as soon as possible but no later than the end of August 2018.



As an ICFJ Knight Fellow, you will lead a focus area, called a “hub,” at PROTO — select one, on the application form — and manage its small team and their trainings, projects, and partnerships.

Skills Hub
  1. Develop and manage PROTO’s training curriculum, trainer network, editors’ roundtables, monthly meetups, quarterly workshops, bi-annual bootcamp and annual conference;

  2. Drive and track how community members apply new skills learned at our events, especially in the publication of new stories and projects in their respective newsrooms. 

Research Hub
  1. Develop and manage PROTO’s blog, newsletter, case studies, directories and commissioned reports/surveys; be our voice at the intersection of media, tech and development;

  2. Develop guides for meaningful applications of technologies in development storytelling — sensors, drones, automation, bots, voice interfaces, and VR; drive other hubs to pilot these.

Projects Hub
  1. Spearhead the introduction and adoption of storytelling templates and tools that work for small teams and budgets, enabling them to deliver quick-turnaround, easily replicable projects on development issues;

  2. Develop and manage partnerships with a wide pool of mostly smaller newsrooms that specialize in a local language, region or niche, to address underserved themes/audiences.

Advisory Hub
  1. Develop and manage partnerships with mostly bigger, influential newsrooms that appeal to mainstream audiences, to improve the likelihood of impact on policy.

  2. Guide partner newsrooms to conceptualize, implement storytelling and product strategies for highly ambitious, long-term campaigns on development issues, especially health, gender, inclusion;



The successful candidate will have:

  • Experience leading teams in Indian newsrooms; portfolio of compelling digital-led storytelling;

  • Ability to manage several concurrent projects with attention to detail and respect for deadlines;

  • Know-how to collaborate with developers and designers and work effectively in a team;

  • Ability to develop project case studies (with compelling copy, documentation, presentations and budgets) that showcase results, maximize impact and help attract additional partners and talent;

  • Ability to prioritize and solve problems with limited direction, but when required to, take direction without bias against age, level of experience or socioeconomic background;

  • Ability to engage with and secure buy-in from senior-most management, other key stakeholders

  • Reputation as an emerging media leader; visible participation in communities of journalists and digital professionals;

  • Exceptional public, interpersonal, written communication skills in English and any Indian language;

  • Advanced experience with work tools like Slack or Basecamp as well as slides and spreadsheets;

  • Indian citizenship or Indian work visa.


How to Apply

Sounds like the right gig for you? Use this form to select one of the four hubs and make a compelling case with clear evidence of your skills, experience, contributions to key projects and their achieved outcomes.

Sounds perfect, but not sure you tick all the boxes yet? Use this form instead, to be considered for other roles at PROTO, without hub leadership or ICFJ Knight Fellowship responsibilities.

You can direct any questions to Nasr ul Hadi <> or Ritvvij Parrikh <>.