Investigative Reporting Initiative in the Americas 2013-2020

Online compendium of stories produced from the Initiative | Click here to read this page in Spanish.

A seven-year program to support a new initiative focusing on promoting and strengthening transparency, security and freedom of expression for the media. The program intends to build the capacity of investigative journalists in eight target countries, including Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and Paraguay, where journalists and media experts face serious threats to freedom of speech and the press. In many countries in the region, organized crime and the constant direct and indirect restrictions to freedom of expression threaten the development of good journalism and citizen security.

The three main objectives of the initiative are to promote the use of investigative journalism techniques in Latin America, boosting it to create networks of colleagues to perform collaborative projects, and to sponsor the local newspaper articles on relevant issues and transnational public interest. To accomplish these objectives, the program will feature, among many other activities:

• A series of eight country-specific workshops on digital and mobile security and developing investigative projects. The first of eight workshops took place in Paraguay, from October 17-19, 2013.
• A four-day regional conference in Honduras attended by journalists and media owners from each target country.
• Four-week online training courses on developing transnational in-depth reporting projects and security protocols for selected editors and reporters.
• Expansion of ICFJ’s secure online platform to facilitate workflow of investigative reporting teams.
• Expansion of the ICFJ-supported Investigative Dashboard (ID) providing resources and access to database sets and searchable information in Spanish useful for news reports.
• Support and training for reporters, editors and media owners on sustainability models and strategies to further develop the Latin American Investigative Network.
• Strengthening data journalism units with the development of new digital tools to facilitate the coverage of specialized topics.