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Brazil: Tapping the Power of Citizen Journalists to Increase Coverage of Poverty

Bruno Garcez is helping Brazil’s top media outlets to include multimedia reports from citizen journalists on important issues such as land reform and pollution prior to presidential and general elections in October.

Garcez is partnering with ABRAJI, the leading investigative journalism association, and the daily Folha de Sao Paulo to incorporate reports produced by trained citizen journalists. Already, 20 citizen reporters in Sao Paolo are producing stories and posting them on a common blog, Mural Brasil.

Garcez also led a public-service journalism course for professional and citizen journalists. The course was modeled after the one James Breiner developed at the Digital Journalism Center at the University of Guadalajara. AT&T gave a $20,000 grant for the course in Brazil. After taking the course, a reporter created a multimedia site that focuses on security in Jundiaí, a town in the state of Sao Paulo.

Garcez, a native of Brazil who worked for the BBC, also is writing the first manual on podcasting, online video and interactive mapping in Portuguese

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  • May 132014

    São Paulo’s Mural Blog Helps Citizens Shed Light on Neglected Communities

    For more than three years, the blog Mural has practiced collaborative journalism, run away from stereotypes and sought quality in local coverage.

    Community journalism, citizen journalism, hyperlocal journalism, nonprofit journalism. I do not accept any of these labels. In my assessment, what the correspondents for the blog Mural have done for more than three years is good-quality journalism. Good journalism. Period.

  • Jan 102011

    Creating a Journalism Community in Brazil

    Early in 2010, I bumped totally by chance on the streets of São Paulo into a good friend of mine, Alexandre Maron, an editor of New Projects at the Globo magazine group. I told him then that I was in Brazil as a Knight International Journalism Fellow, with the International Center for Journalists.

  • Nov 242010

    Brazilian Blog Gets An Impressive New Home

    Editors Note: A web address change for Mural, a leading citizen journalist blog in São Paulo.

    Mural, the blog that comprises news stories and videos by more than 50 volunteer bloggers and citizen journalists, is moving today to a new address.

  • Nov 22010

    Election of Brazil’s First Female President Offers Lessons for Reporters

    The election of Brazil’s first woman president should be hailed, but has not aroused many celebrations. A dirty campaign in which the media has a lot to answer for has much to do with that.

    This Sunday, for the first time in its history, Brazil elected a woman to the country’s highest political office. Even for those with differing political views, this should have been hailed as an historic milestone in a nation with a male-dominated workforce. And yet, many people, weary of an incredibly negative, shallow campaign season, were just eager for it all to end.

  • Sep 302010

    The ''opposition party''

    Editor's Note: Knight Fellow Bruno Garcez discusses the upcoming Brazilian Presidential Elections.

    The elections this Sunday, the 3rd, in Brazil, until very recently seemed to be heading to a very predictable outcome

    The three main Presidential contenders lack the charisma of the current incumbent, Mr.

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