Knight International Journalism Fellowships

Central America: A Model of Interactive News

In El Salvador, Knight International helped the premier news Web site enhance its interactive coverage and generate new revenue streams. Knight Fellow Tree Elven's goal was to create a sustainable model of quality online news that can be replicated across the region.

Carlos Dada, editorial director of, talks about plans to improve marketing strategies with the help of Knight International Journalism Fellow Tree Elven. An expert in new media, Elven is helping El Salvador's top online news provider develop a solid business model.


  • Led in-house workshops on search engine optimization to increase El Faro's audience and on how to use Google Analytics.
  • Helped create a new Twitter page to deliver breaking news on President Mauricio Funes' inauguration day on June 1.
  • Helped launch a permanent SMS service with a third party provider called WiseMarketing.
  • Led the re-design of El Faro's Web site.