ICFJ News, Spring 2015

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A New School in Pakistan is Providing Quality Journalism Education

To meet the growing demand for professional journalists in Pakistan, ICFJ recently launched the Center for Excellence in Journalism (CEJ) in Karachi. Read more.

Open-Data Project Adds Transparency to African Elections

An innovative tool developed to help people register to vote in Kenya is proving to be a valuable asset to voters across the continent. Read more.



Investigative Journalists Uncover Corruption in Latin America

Thanks to ICFJ's Investigative Reporting Initiative in the Americas, a participant revealed a potential conflict of interest involving Mexico's first family. Read more.


Meet the New Director of the Knight International Journalism Fellowships

Benjamin Colmery has been named director of ICFJ's flagship program. He has been deputy director of the Knight Fellowships since 2010. Read more.



Four Media Leaders Join ICFJ Board of Directors

News executives from Hearst Newspapers, USA Today, Politico and Yahoo! News join our board. They are reshaping the future of their media organizations and bring years of expertise to ICFJ. Read more.



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