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The Tsinghua Global Business Journalism Program (GBJ)

2017 Fall semester students visit the Beijing Review with Rick Dunham, GBJ Program Co-Director

Students selected for the Global Business Journalism Program (GBJ) learn how to cover global economics, financial markets and companies, with a spotlight on the China experience. All courses in the master's degree program are taught in English by renowned scholars and top foreign correspondents and journalists. Special attention is given to comparative studies of Chinese and Western stocks, bonds, currencies and government policies. Courses emphasize practical, hands-on training.

The Douglas Tweedale Memorial Fellowship

The Douglas Tweedale Memorial Fellowship helps Latin American journalists improve their investigative reporting skills, either generally, or in a specialty reporting area such as immigration, environment, science and technology or business, through a three-week long program in the United States.

Early Childhood Development Reporting Fellowship

CIFF Fellows in Geneva 2018

ICFJ’s Early Childhood Development Reporting Fellowship helps journalists improve news coverage of child health in their countries, while building a global network of reporters covering this critically important issue. These one-year fellowships provide mentoring from leading health journalists and access to experts on issues ranging from nutrition to early education.


News Corp Media Fellowship for International Journalists

The News Corp Media Fellowship offers international reporters and editors an immersive, hands-on experience in some of the world’s most digitally advanced newsrooms. Fellows learn firsthand how these top outlets are navigating the changing journalism landscape. By shadowing reporters and editors across different departments, the fellows gain a comprehensive understanding of how an innovative news outlet operates in the digital age, and bring back new skills to transform their own newsrooms. 


The State of Technology in Global Newsrooms

Global Tech Survey Cover

The State of Technology in Global Newsrooms is the first-ever global study on the adoption of new technologies in the news media. While the disruptions in today’s newsrooms have been widely examined, the study focused on a missing how journalists worldwide are embracing new technologies.

TruthBuzz: Making the Truth Go Viral

TruthBuzz is now recruiting five full-time Fellows to work in newsrooms in some of the most populous nations: Brazil, India, Indonesia, Nigeria and the United States. Modeled on the ICFJ Knight Fellowships, the TruthBuzz Fellowship will embed experts in these outlets to help reporters adopt compelling storytelling methods that improve the reach and impact of fact-checking and help “inoculate” audiences against false or misleading information.

Program Dates

Reporting Tour for Egyptian Journalists in South Korea and Japan

The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) conducted a reporting and fact-finding tour for eight Egyptian journalists in South Korea and Japan in early 2018. With the rising threat and uncertainty over North Korea’s nuclear arms program, the tour was a timely immersion for the Egyptian journalists in information about the threats that loom over South Korea and Japan, two countries that, like Egypt, are important U.S. partners.