Bringing the World to an Indian News Audience

The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ), with the support from the U.S. Consulate General in Hyderabad, India, invites applications for the program “Bringing the World to an Indian News Audience,” offered to support media professionals in the dynamic locale of Hyderabad as they illustrate the impact of international issues on the daily lives of their local readership and India’s broader development objectives. ICFJ’s partner in Hyderabad is the Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI).

Indian journalists play a significant role in reporting and interpreting for the Indian public the regional and international affairs in which their country plays a part. Journalists do so most effectively when they localize these stories to their audiences in ways that help the reader understand how these seemingly distant international affairs can affect the life of the common citizen. Journalists also do so by presenting these international developments as human interest stories to which their readership can relate. In turn, the media readership that comprises India’s vibrant democracy has a stronger foundation on which to discuss and understand the policy decisions that affect them, and additional information with which to make the informed decisions that will lead to the regional connectivity that will ultimately support India’s trade and development objectives.

This ICFJ program seeks to augment journalists’ toolkit to play their part in this active public discussion. The program is intended for 30 Hyderabadi journalists and consists in a four-day practical workshop focused on various aspects of coverage of issues including international economics and trade, environmental issues and climate change, international conflicts and the decisions of international organizations. The workshop will include participation of local and regional subject matter experts in these fields and senior media professionals.

ICFJ and ASCI will offer immediate translation into Telugu and Urdu.

Workshop Dates: July 21-24, 2014