ICFJ/United Nations Foundation Climate Change Journalism Fellowship: Europe, Asia and Africa

A virtual fellowship for journalists from Europe, Asia and Africa

As fluctuating temperatures and destructive natural disasters increasingly create global crises, it is clear that "climate change" is no longer just a phenomenon discussed by scientists. The topic of extreme weather is at the forefront of local and international news coverage.

Photo courtesy of NASA

The Climate Change Journalism Virtual Fellowship, a joint program of the United Nations Foundation and the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ), gave 10 professional journalists from Europe, Asia and Africa who do not regularly cover the environment the opportunity to speak with high-level, global experts on climate change and its effects on our environment, health and economies. The journalists participated in virtual briefings with these experts on September 3, 2014.

In addition to the high-level briefings, the journalists learned how to report on climate issues from a variety of angles, incorporating data into their stories to produce evidence-based coverage of this critical issue and its growing impact.

The fellowship helped the journalists develop a better understanding of this complex topic and inspired follow-up reporting on the issue during and after the United Nations Climate Summit on September 23, 2014

After the virtual briefings, the 10 journalists were asked to submit story ideas based on the information they learned during the online event. The three journalists with the best ideas received a $1,000 story grant to pursue reporting on climate change in their regions.

Criteria for the fellowship:
* Journalists based in Europe, Asia or Africa who worked full-time for a local or international news outlet (print, online, and/or broadcast)
* Preference was given to journalists who do not regularly cover climate change and the environment
* Fluency in English is required
* Written commitment from employer to publish at least one story after the fellowship that was related to climate change and its impact
* Written commitment from applicant to participate in the full program of virtual briefings on September 3, 2014

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