A Digital Path to Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Latin America

The ECA Professional Fellowship was for sure one of the best experiences in my life, and I learned so much from it! My income, through the blog, has more than doubled since I returned.

Elaine Miranda Vela, founder, Plata con Platica personal finance site

A Digital Path to Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Latin America is creating a network of journalists, technologists, and media entrepreneurs across the region. This network is harnessing the power of digital tools to create sustainable news businesses that provide news and information in the public interest.

The program consists of a group of 50 media professionals from 12 countries for a fifteen-week virtual program offering opportunities to develop entrepreneurship projects and work directly with a U.S. media organization. Each fellow will also receive a grant of $1,700 towards their digital project and will have an opportunity to work with mentors to drive their personal projects to success.

The program is focused on young professionals and emerging leaders, ages 25 to 40 years, from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, and Peru. Applicants must be fluent in English. Participants with disabilities will be accommodated during the program and are encouraged to apply.

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Stay tuned for applications

The deadline to apply for the Fall 2021 virtual program was June 25, 2021. If you missed that opportunity, stay tuned. Other cohorts will be announced soon.

About the selection process

Selection will be based on professional qualifications, relevant experience, leadership potential, and commitment to enhancing mutual understanding among different countries. Participants will be interviewed in English. 

For more information on eligibility requirements, please click here to read the program FAQs.  


Program dates for Fall 2021 Latin American fellows:

Recruitment of fellows: Summer 2021

Selection of fellows: Summer 2021

Orientation: August 20 – August 27, 2021

Virtual Newsroom Embed (six weeks): August 30, 2021  –  October 8, 2021

Professional mentorship: October 11, 2021 through December 11, 2021

Program Debrief: December 13, 2021

A Digital Path to Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Latin America is part of the Professional Fellows Program of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Exchange and Cultural Affairs.  

The fifteen-week virtual program includes:

  • One-week ICFJ-led virtual orientation, where fellows receive hands-on training on digital tools and techniques and workshop their digital media project proposals with media entrepreneurs, while creating a safe space for collaboration and learning.
  • Six weeks of professional virtual newsroom attachments. The program pairs fellows with U.S. hosts across the country at digital communications firms, startup incubators and cutting-edge digital newsrooms based on their backgrounds, skills and project proposals. During the virtual newsroom embed, fellows will receive an opportunity to meet and learn from different teams in the newsroom through online platforms.
  • Eight weeks of professional mentoring, plus a grant of $1,700 towards their digital project, to drive their personal digital projects to success. 

Latest News

Latin American Journalists Expand Resources to Inform Across the Region

December 15, 2021

As COVID-19 swept across the world in early 2020, many activities that involved travel were put on hold. International exchanges that aim to train journalists, like ICFJ’s Digital Path to Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Latin America, had to pivot. 

Faced with the new, challenging situation, the program went online. Selected journalists from Latin America received seed funding and virtual mentorship for their proposed projects, in addition to their remote internships with newsrooms in the U.S. 

Journalists Create Media Resources with a Latin American Perspective

October 13, 2021

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, the ICFJ Digital Path to Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Latin America (ECA) program pivoted to an online model. Latin American journalists selected for the program participated in a virtual orientation and embedded with U.S. newsrooms remotely. As a new offering for this pandemic format of the program, participants also received seed funding and mentorship for their proposed projects. 

Five Steps to Get Started with Data Journalism

May 6, 2015

U.S. journalists have a trove of public data available to use in their stories. But even though reporters have the freedom to use the data, it’s not always easy to find. And once you do locate it, it’s often even harder to decipher.

Jeff South, associate professor and director of Undergraduate Studies, School of Mass Communications at Virginia Commonwealth University, spoke to 16 Latin American journalists, who are in the U.S.

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