Iraqi-U.S. Journalism Exchange

The Iraqi-U.S. Journalism Exchange program took place on June, 2014. Five journalists from Iraq arrived to the U.S. without suspecting that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) would throw their country into upheaval a day later. In this video, the journalists reflect on sectarianism and discrimination in their home country.

The Iraqi-U.S. Journalism Exchange program took place over 22-days in Washington, D.C., Houston, Austin and New York City. In this program, 10 selected Iraqi journalists were introduced to American media professionals and experts in the realms of politics, digital media, transparency and civil society. The group also had the opportunity to design community reporting projects or evidence-based opinion pieces that focused on topics of interest to their communities and could bring more transparency and accountability to local government activities.

U.S. journalists served as program mentors to work with the participants on their project ideas. The program also gave participants the knowledge and skills to implement new strategies and practices after they returned to Iraq. Overall, the program helped to initiate cross-cultural dialogues with the aim of promoting high-quality journalism and greater mutual understanding between the people of the United States and Iraq.

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  • Mar 162016

    Iraqi-U.S. Journalist Exchange Program

    The Iraqi-U.S. Journalism Exchange program took place over a 12-day period. Part of the “Iraqi-U.S. Journalist Exchange” program, five Iraqi commentators embarked on a study tour that featured meetings with experts and visits to newsrooms and innovation centers in Washington D.C., and New York City. The program aimed to help these leading Iraqi commentators gain a better understanding of U.S. foreign policy towards Iraq, U.S.-Iraqi bilateral relations and the role of think tanks.