Lideres Digitales: Creating a New Generation of Spanish-Language Multimedia Trainers

Líderes Digitales launched in March 2011 with a four-week online course on multimedia journalism for a group of U.S.-based Hispanic journalists.

The next phase of the program involved multimedia journalism boot camps in Chicago and Los Angeles, which took place in August 2011.

The 26 most outstanding students were selected from the online course based on multimedia project proposals submitted during the course.

Depending on their geographical location, the journalists traveled to either Chicago or Los Angeles, where they developed their ideas for their multimedia projects.

For three days, they also received training on different areas such as social media, multimedia storytelling, reporting through mobile technology, writing for the web and the latest trends in digital media.

After the boot camps, the journalists returned to their respective newsrooms, where they will finish their digital news projects and submit them for review.

The boot camps will be followed by a three-day workshop in Washington, D.C., for the eight trainers-to-be, two training sessions at a national convention, and a series of training workshops for the staff of the future trainers’ newsrooms.

Eight winners will be selected to come to ICFJ's headquarters in Washington, D.C. and participate in a training session on "How to be a trainer".

For the selection of the eight who will become new “líderes,” preference will be given to journalists from Spanish-language media.

The two best trainers of the group will be sent to a national convention, where they will lead training sessions for other Spanish-speaking journalists in the United States.

Eligible candidates for all phases of the program are Spanish-speaking Latino journalists from throughout the United States, and instruction in all phases of the project is in Spanish.

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