Malaysia: Creating a Multimedia News Project

Developing Community Reporting and Increasing Ethnic and Religious Tolerance in Malaysia

To fill the void of local news reporting, ICFJ and Malaysiakini will create a network of locally-based citizen journalists trained in journalism skills and armed with high-tech reporting tools. To empower and give voice to marginalized and often abused immigrant workers, the program will bring media trainers from their originating countries to train citizen journalists and help create native language news websites with stories drawn from their experiences throughout the country. And, since many community lines, as well of lines of difference, are carved against the arc of religion, these programs will be supported by an on-going online series of interviews that create a venue for interfaith dialogue and increased tolerance.

Expected impact: More than 300 citizen journalists (CJs) will be trained; after the program’s conclusion 25 CJs will maintain microsites featuring local news from previously un-served communities; three community chapters will be operated to engage and train new CJs; Burmese, Nepali and Bangladeshi sites run by migrant workers will operate on; and the interfaith dialogue series will result in community actions supporting increased tolerance.

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