Knight International Journalism Fellowships

Pakistan: Upgrading the Quality of Broadcast News (2009)

In a country where independent television is proliferating, Knight International worked with broadcast journalists at a leading network to make their reports more timely and compelling. By adding more stories from the field and reducing reliance on single sources, Fellow Adnan Adil Zaidi revitalized the newsroom at ARY OneWorld, now renamed ARY News. He also created a guide for journalists and students that helps professionalize coverage at a time of political and social turmoil.


  • Created and widely distributed new Urdu-language, and Sindhi-language training manuals for television producers and reporters.
  • Helped ARY NEWS report on a case of discrimination against a handicapped woman that led to a vigorous debate in Parliament.
  • Worked with the TV station to upgrade facilities in an effort to provide more sophisticated programming.

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