Reporting Across Cultures: Freedom of Expression in the Digital Age

Journalists from across the Arab world, North America, Europe, Pakistan and Indonesia participated in an online training course entitled “Freedom of Expression in the Digital Age.”

The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) conducted a four-day workshop for Pakistani journalists in Kathmandu, Nepal on January 5-9, 2010. In partnership with Search for Common Ground, journalists were trained on ethnic, religious and gender reporting. In addition, they learned new digital skills such as creating blogs.

Following the training in Nepal, ICFJ administered a three-day intensive training for journalists in Jakarta. The workshops focused on Muslim and Western relations in the context of media. Journalists discussed the challenges they faces as well as cross-cultural issues when reporting on sensitive issues such as religion. Journalists were also trained in conflict reporting and reporting on digital platforms.

Select participants were chosen to participate in a conference in Alexandria, Egypt in February 2010 that focused on freedom of expression and reporting on Muslim-West relations.

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