Meera K

ICFJ Knight Fellow, India

ICFJ Knight Fellow Meera K is helping top newsrooms in Bangaluru, India, improve their coverage of critical health, gender and development issues. She provides key strategic and editorial support to in-depth and multimedia projects that engage citizens and policymakers around these topics.

Meera co-founded Citizen Matters, an award-winning digital news outlet that covers critical urban issues, ideas and solutions for cities across India. In Bengaluru, the platform has been recognized as a local journalism pioneer for its investigations and for engaging citizen problem solvers. Meera has worked in local news for more than a decade, and has also supported projects in e-governance, product development and civic tech.

Meera helped initiate Open City, an urban data platform, and Co Media Lab, a community newsroom and resource center. Meera is a founder trustee at the Oorvani Foundation, a nonprofit trust for a free and independent media. Meera was named an Ashoka Fellow in 2016 for her work in community media.