All ICFJ Programs

Programsort icon Year Topic Region / Country
Egypt: Journalism Training (2007) 2007 Multimedia, Television/Video Egypt
Egypt: Mentoring Investigative Journalists 2008-2007 Investigative Egypt
El Salvador: Journalism Training (2007) 2007 El Salvador
Electronic Journalism and International Editing Standards 2008 All Topics, Basic Journalism, Writing/Editing, Multimedia Saudi Arabia
Engaging the Electorate: A Program Focusing on Elections Coverage and Multimedia Reporting for Cambodian Journalists 2016
Escucha! Taking Community Radio Digital in the Americas 2010 Business, Environment, Health/Science, Radio/Audio Latin America, United States
Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania: Journalism Training (1997) 1997 Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
Ethiopia: Journalism Training (1999) 1999 Ethiopia
Ethiopia: Journalism Training (2000) 2000 Ethiopia
Ethiopia: Journalism Training (2004) 2004 Ethiopia
Ethiopia: Launch the Country's First Health Journalists' Association 2015-2011 Health/Science, Radio/Audio, Television/Video Ethiopia
Exchange Program for Media Professionals from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda and the United States 2014 Basic Journalism Africa, United States
Expandiendo el reportaje investigativo y la sostenibilidad de los medios de Nicaragua a través del Periodismo colaborativo y la Innovación Digital Nicaragua
Faith in Media: Improving Coverage of Islam and Other Religions 2008 Basic Journalism, Multimedia Worldwide
Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Western Samoa: Journalism Training (2000) 2000 Fiji Islands, Papua New Guinea, Samoa
Fiji: Journalism Training (1995) 1995 Fiji Islands
Fiji: Journalism Training (1996) 1996 Fiji Islands
Fortalecimiento de periodismo de investigación y transparencia en México y Centroamérica 2014-2013 Investigative Central America, Mexico
Georgia and Kazakhstan: Journalism Training (2007) 2007 Georgia, Kazakhstan
Georgia: Journalism Training (1996) 1996 Georgia
Georgia: Journalism Training (2003) 2003 Georgia
Georgia: Journalism Training (2005) 2005 Georgia
Ghana: Journalism Training (2000) 2000 Ghana
Ghana: Journalism Training (2002) 2002 Ghana
Ghana: Promoting Free and Fair Election Coverage 2009-2008 Political, Print Ghana