• Mar 172009

    Journalism in Bolivia

    Greetings from Santa Cruz, Bolivia! The carnival is over and routine has come back to the capital of the eastern part of the country. Santa Cruz was paralised for one week, with thousands of people in the street drinking, throwing water and painting the walls, dancing with loud music... It was really crazy.Today starts a very interesting workshop organised by the ABOCCS, the association that integrates the main university graduates in communication, in Santa Cruz.

  • Mar 172009

    Power Outages Cripple Businesses Including Public Agenda, Newspaper Reports on the Issue

    Since the beginning of the year, several communities in Accra have been experiencing major power outages as well as water shortages. What it means is that the power will go out for hours, crippling some businesses, like Public Agenda. When the power's out we sit around and talk politics and journalism; some people use it as a time to take a walk or go get the standard lunch -- rice and some sort of meat or fish in a sauce made with plenty of palm oil or, if it's Wednesday, fufu with meat or fish (it's heavier food and it keeps the reporters full on production nights).

  • Mar 172009

    Partner Organization Wins Ghana National Honorary Award for "The Best In Print Media"

    Early into our partnership with Public Agenda, which bills itself as "Ghana's only advocacy and development newspaper," the publication received an award from the Ghana National Honorary Awards Hall of Fame for being "the best print media" in the promotion of peace during and after the 2008 presidential elections.  CACG said the newspaper won because of its "independent news presentation and analysis, effective monitoring and supervision of electoral activities before, during and after the 2008 elections towards ensuring free, fair, and transparent elections."

  • Mar 162009

    Internet ya ha derrotado a la prensa impresa, pero los periodistas tienen buen futuro

    En una entrevista ligada a mi presentación en el Congreso de Periodismo Digital en Huesca, España, observé que los periodistas todavía agregan valor a la conversación mediática.

  • Mar 162009

    Internet da a los reporteros el poder de actuar independientemente

    En el Congreso de Periodismo Digital en Huesca, España, la semana pasada, periodistas y editores describían la independencia habían ganado por publicar en la Internet.

    “El Congreso de Periodismo Digital de Huesca se abrió con tres periodistas que trabajan por su cuenta. Tienen su redacción en casa, pero ello no les impide contar viajes a Groenlandia o entrevistar a las FARC en Colombia.
  • Mar 152009

    Stepping into the middle of a long story

    LUSAKA, ZAMBIA — Who is leading the fight against AIDS in Zambia?

    That was the question that brought about 100 people together at the Intercontinental Hotel here today. And the answer was -- not nearly enough of the people who should be. That was the question that brought about 100 people together at the Intercontinental Hotel here today. And the answer was -- not nearly enough of the people who should be.

    Father Michael Kelly, an Irish-born Jesuit priest and now a Zambian and AIDS expert was there.

  • Mar 142009

    Local Radio Station Combats Crime

    At 2:45 a.m., I got a call from my friend, the news editor at the government's ELBC radio station. She whispered armed robbers are at my house. They were driving a pickup truck into the wall of her gated compound, trying to break it down. They cursed and yelled asking her to open the gate. They used iron rods to try to pry it loose, and then one used a metal pole to attempt to vault over the wall.

    She explained that she couldn't get anyone to respond on the emergency services number, which also happens to be 911.

  • Mar 32009

    Knight International Journalism Fellowships Orientation

    We completed another orientation last week, inducting four Fellows into the program: Shu Choudhary (destination India), Tree Elven (destination El Salvador), Kawser Mahmud (destination Bangladesh) and Alex Tizon (destination Philippines).

  • Mar 32009

    Nuevas ideas para financiar el periodismo en la Web

    Incluso hay un debate sobre el valor de poner AdSense en su blog Nuevas ideas para financiar periodismo en Internet

    La situación financiera de New York Times ha despertado mucha habla (y blah blah blah) sobre cómo financiar un periodismo de calidad.

    Realmente no hay muchos ejemplos de buenos modelos, sino sí hay analistas que entienden bien la situación actual.

  • Mar 32009

    Más bancarotas en los periódicos de Estados Unidos

    Los medios en América Latina tienen tiempo para cambiarse y evitar el mismo destino. El desastre a cámara lenta sigue con la declaracion de quiebra de periódicos en Philadelphia.