40 Years Empowering Truth

ICFJ marks its 40th anniversary this year, at a time when trustworthy journalism is more needed than ever. Elections in 81 countries, AI-powered disinformation and rising authoritarianism are all reminders why journalism matters.

At ICFJ, we know “it takes a journalist.” And that’s why we are so proud of the journalists in our vibrant global network – 177,000+ strong – and the impact they have had and continue to have. For 40 years, ICFJ has built skills, provided opportunities and fostered connections in support of their vital work.

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ICFJ gave me my first formal training in journalism – what questions to ask, how to frame them, and how to write investigative pieces that would start difficult conversations.



Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy
Journalist, Oscar-winning filmmaker and ICFJ Knight Award winner, Pakistan



ICFJ Voices


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Our Trailblazing History

Over the years, ICFJ has remained ahead of the trends to ensure that journalists can provide the highest quality coverage that holds the powerful to account.



in 1984 by Tom Winship, Jim Ewing & George Krimsky to share knowledge with their peers



the rise of independent journalism in the former East bloc after the Berlin Wall fell



a new generation of South African journalists for the post-Apartheid era



IJNet to provide resources to journalists, now reaching 180,000+ per month



U.S. and Arab journalists combat stereotypes after 9/11



the first Global Business Journalism master’s program in booming China



the first mobile news service in the poorest rural regions of India



the first network of African health journalists to cover deadly diseases like Ebola



new business models for independent news startups in the Americas



journalists in 70+ countries to cover COVID-19, with training in five languages



journalists in and around Ukraine to cover the Russian invasion and war crimes



research used by newsrooms to protect women journalists from online violence



innovative projects to deepen trust between journalists and their communities



3,500+ journalists to fight disinformation using AI and other methods



I am so thankful to ICFJ for its unwavering support. It has come at a crucial time, when my organization and Philippine democracy are struggling to survive.



Maria Ressa
Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Founder, Rappler, and ICFJ Knight Award winner, Philippines



Meet our Network




The support from ICFJ helped us to actually make the lives of our reporters safer.


Roman Anin


Roman Anin
Founder, IStories and ICFJ Knight Trailblazer and ICFJ Knight Award winners, Russia



Impact Stories

Intrepid Journalists from Kenya, Ukraine and Jordan Win ICFJ Knight Awards

John-Allan Namu, a reporter and media entrepreneur from Kenya, and Valeriya Yegoshyna, an investigative reporter from Ukraine, are the 2024 winners of the ICFJ Knight International Journalism Award. Rana Sabbagh, a renowned investigative editor from Jordan, is the recipient of the 2024 ICFJ Knight Trailblazer Award.

ICFJ Voices: Jessica Buchleitner, Helping People Understand Themselves Through Journalism

Buchleitner began her career through the 2023 News Corp Media Fellowship program. She specializes in reporting on conflict, sexual violence, diplomacy, and technology, focusing on its societal impact. Sharing her insights with aspiring journalists, she advises, "Journalism is about finding a red thread and following it to see where it connects to other things."

ICFJ Voices: ‘Kunle Adebajo on the Importance of Covering the Past

For ‘Kunle Adebajo, journalism is about “keeping the important stories in our consciousness, getting justice for those treated unfairly, and setting the records straight for future generations.”

ICFJ Voices: Tim Mak on a Different Kind of Conflict Reporting

When Tim Mak went to Djibouti in 2015 as an ICFJ fellow, it was the first time he had reported overseas. Today, less than a decade later, he is in Ukraine, bringing undercovered stories of the Russian invasion to English-speaking audiences.

ICFJ Voices: Anubha Bhonsle on Delivering ‘News, Not Noise’

Anubha Bhonsle is an Indian journalist whose career has focused on developing new kinds of storytelling. Based in Delhi, Bhonsle has led groundbreaking initiatives related to gender and sanitation. She’s the founder of Newsworthy.Studio, and covers India, the Global South, current affairs, gender, climate adaptation and rights.

ICFJ Voices: María Paula Murcia Huertas, Answering Questions Audiences Are Really Asking

People searching for information online are faced with a challenge: there is so much information out there that it is often difficult to find resources you need – and to know what to trust. María Paula Murcia Huertas and her Bogotá, Colombia-based news outlet are working on a solution for their community.

ICFJ Voices: Sarah Abdallah, Managing a Community of Journalists in the MENA Region

This year, ICFJ is celebrating our 40th anniversary and our long history of supporting journalists. Throughout the year, we will be showcasing network members from around the world. 

Growing up in Lebanon amid wars and economic and social instability, “makes you live with the news,” says Sarah Abdallah, who knew

ICFJ Voices: Leon Lidigu, Advancing Health Journalism in Kenya

Leon Lidigu’s journalism focuses on the intersection of health and climate, highlighting key issues faced by the Kenyan population, and women in particular. Lidigu is a global health and climate reporter for one of Kenya’s leading newspapers, The Nation.

ICFJ Voices: Daniel Nardin, Elevating Amazon Stories

For Daniel Nardin, the Amazon is more than a place to call home. As a journalist from the Brazilian state of Pará, he has worked and built a career in the region, holding reporting roles in the local press, serving as the Pará State secretary of communications, and even leading the media outlet, Grupo Liberal, as director of journalism and content

Elevate: How One Pakistani Digital News Outlet Grew Its Revenue and Audience

Talha Ahad’s team at The Centrum Media, Pakistan’s first digital news network, has produced exclusive visual storytelling on Guantanamo Bay prisoners, war survivors, transgender activists and more since it launched in 2017. The news organization quickly grew its audience to millions with in-depth, independent video news coverage, in a country dominated by traditional media.

Ugandan Journalist Launches Innovative Project Aimed at Reducing Disinformation in Deaf Communities

Reporters, sign language interpreters and other community members have forged a network in Uganda that is countering misinformation in the deaf community, as part of a project supported by the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) and led by journalist Willy Chowoo.

ICFJ Knight Fellow’s Investigation Into Dangerous Pesticides Leads to New Bill in Peru

In a groundbreaking investigation, ICFJ Knight Fellow Fabiola Torres and her team at Salud con lupa have uncovered alarming findings in Peru. Their report, "A hidden poison on my plate," found that more than 30 pesticides, known to be harmful to health, are present in fruits and vegetables sold by six of Peru's largest supermarket chains. Now, because of Salud con lupa, the Peruvian government is taking action.