• Aug 312010

    Scripps Howard Intern Shiraz Mukarram of Pakistan Reports from the White House

    Scripps Howard Interns get the opportunity to report on the ins-and-outs of Washington, D.C., even reporting from inside the White House. Intern Shiraz Mukarram of Pakistan shook hands with President Obama and was welcomed inside the Presidential palace to report on International Women's Day featuring former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and actress Kerry Washington.

  • Jul 162010

    Knight Fellow Trainees Cover Slow Recovery Process in Post-Quake Haiti

    Trainees of Knight Fellow Kathie Klarreich covered the slow reconstruction process for Haitian daily Le Nouvelliste. As part of her fellowship project, Klarreich trained these reporters to track how billions of inflowing aid money is being spent to ensure a transparent recovery process. The piece covers the heavy investment in equipment to remove rubble in contrast to the heaps of remaining debris.

  • Jun 32010

    Reporting From Iraq: The Toughest Assignment

    For the past six weeks, I have worked as the bureau photographer for The New York Times in Baghdad. This was my first visit to Iraq, and although I have worked in Afghanistan, Gaza and Yemen, I have found Iraq to be among the most difficult places to do my job. The fear is what makes working here difficult.

  • Jun 32010

    Reporting From Iraq: Why It Still Matters

    During Frederik Pleitgen's business visit to Iraq, he was faced with daily unpredictable obstacles that hampered the effectiveness of his reporting. The country's economic development is moving, but there are many still many social and political issues surrounding the Iraqi populace. The next weeks will be telling as the political powers attempt to form a government. And we must remember that more than 90,000 U.S. troops are still on the ground here, seemingly on their way out, but not home yet.

  • Jun 12010

    Squatters Given Permanent Home

    Citizen Journalist Jimmy Leow reported on this issue following a tip from an activist. Once the video was published on Malaysiakini, the state government organized a program to resettle the residents to a neighboring area. “In front of everyone,” recalled Program Director Maran Perianen, “the Chief Minister announced that they are going to look for a way to bring all of these old folks to a landed property where they can stay more comfortably.”

  • May 312010

    Video: Anna Zhou Discusses Her Experience in the GBJ Program

    Global Business Journalism student Anna Zhou discusses the impact of the program in her studies and how it has helped her attain more experiences outside of the classroom.

  • May 252010

    Government Resumes Building Highway

    Another video featured an abandoned highway that had remained unfinished for 3-4 years. “The moment one of our CJs, Jim Leow, highlighted the issue,” explained Perianen, “the following day it was picked up by the mainstream media, then subsequently it was picked up by our editorial floor.” The state government was forced to defend itself to the public, and since then, it has resumed the construction of the highway.

  • Mar 242010

    The Silent Majority

    By Hani Hazaimeh

    Writing for an Israeli newspaper about the visit I took late last year to the Israel was perhaps one of the toughest decisions of my entire life, not to mention a move that could affect the future of my entire career.

    Following the publication of my personal opinion piece in the Jerusalem Post last week, I received a wide range of feedback from friends, colleagues and officials. Some were supportive while others were outright angry at me for being published in a right-wing Israeli media outlet.

  • Mar 232010

    Two Israeli and Jordanian Journalists Tell the Story No One Else Will

    Jerusalem/Amman - It was supposed to be an exercise in cross-cultural reporting: find a story that would highlight the common humanity shared by all nations and peoples. As a Jordanian and an Israeli we were a logical pairing. Our countries are neighbors supposedly at peace, yet both are part of a regional conflict that has raged for so long.

  • Mar 182010

    My Mideast Conference in Madrid

    By Ruth Eglash

    It looks like any other shopping mall. Colorful window displays pull in patrons already overloaded with shopping bags, promotional stands selling mobile phones cater to customers searching for an upgrade and tired shoppers rejuvenate their intense outing with a coffee at one of the central cafés.