All ICFJ Programs

Programsort icon Year Topic Region / Country
Czech Republic and Romania: Journalism Training (1999) 1999 Czech Republic, Romania
Czech Republic and Slovakia: Journalism Training (1997) 1997 Czech Republic, Slovakia
Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia: Journalism Training (2000) 2000 Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia
Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia: Journalism Training (1998) 1998 Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia
Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia: Journalism Training (1995) 1995 Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia
Czech Republic: Journalism Training (1995) 1995 Czech Republic
Czech Republic: Journalism Training (1998) 1998 Czech Republic
Czech Republic: Journalism Training (2003) 2003 Czech Republic
Disaster Coverage Program for Hispanic Journalists 2008 Environment, Health/Science Latin America
Dominican Republic, Honduras and Panama: Journalism Training (2001) 2001 El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Dominican Republic
Dow Jones Chicas Poderosas Digital Fellowships 2017 Data Journalism
Dow Jones Chicas Poderosas Fellowships 2015 Data Journalism, Multimedia
Dow Jones Foundation Webinar Series 2015-2014 Data Journalism, Mobile, Multimedia
Early Childhood Development Conference in Senegal 2009 Health/Science, Social Issues Senegal
East Timor: Delivering Radio and Television News to Isolated Communities 2009-2007 Multimedia, Radio/Audio, Television/Video
East Timor: Journalism Training (2002) 2002 East Timor
East Timor: Journalism Training (2003) 2003 East Timor
Eastern Europe and Eurasia: Improving Sustainability in Investigative Journalism 2016-2014 Basic Journalism, Development, Investigative, Multimedia Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Moldova, Romania, Serbia
Ecuador, El Salvador & Panama: Journalism Training (2004) 2004 El Salvador, Ecuador, Panama
Ecuador: Journalism Training (1994) 1994 Ecuador
Ecuador: Journalism Training (1996) 1996 Ecuador
Ecuador: Journalism Training (1998) 1998 Ecuador
Ecuador: Journalism Training (2001) 2001 Ecuador
Egypt: Journalism Training (2005) 2005 Egypt
Egypt: Journalism Training (2007) 2007 Writing/Editing, Citizen Journalism Egypt