All ICFJ Programs

Program Year Topic Region / Country
Colombia: Use Crowd Sourcing Technology to Track Crime and Corruption 2012-2011 Basic Journalism, Citizen Journalism, Multimedia, Political, Television/Video Colombia
Indonesia: Launch a Mobile Environmental News Service for Rural Communities 2012-2011 Citizen Journalism, Environment, Mobile, Radio/Audio, Television/Video Indonesia
Liberia: Create Commercially Viable Radio Stations Using New Marketing Strategies 2012-2011 Political, Radio/Audio Liberia
Media Educational Exchange Program for Georgian Journalists 2012-2011 All Topics Georgia
Middle East: Launch a Network to Connect Journalists with IT Experts 2012-2011 Citizen Journalism, Mobile, Multimedia Jordan, Tunisia
South Africa: Create Multimedia Health Coverage 2012-2011 Health/Science, Multimedia, Radio/Audio, Television/Video South Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa: Build a Network of Climate-Change Reporters 2012-2011 Environment Kenya
Illuminating Today’s Japan for American Audiences 2012 All Topics Japan
New Media, New Challenges: Best Practices In the Digital Age 2012 All Topics Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, Sri Lanka
The Elections 2012 Visiting Journalists Program 2012 Citizen Journalism Worldwide
Training the Next Generation of Tunisian Media Professionals 2012 Basic Journalism, Mobile, Multimedia Tunisia
Kenya: Promote Better Health Coverage, Better Policies 2011-2008 Health/Science, Multimedia, Print, Radio/Audio Kenya
McGraw-Hill Personal Finance Reporting Online Courses 2011-2008 Business, Print Latin America, North America
Uganda: Setting a New Standard for Health Journalism in Africa 2011-2008 Health/Science, Print, Radio/Audio Uganda
Encourager les réformes juridiques dans le secteur des le secteur des médias et renforcer les organisations de médias au Sénégal 2011-2009 Basic Journalism Africa
Ghana: Tackle Poverty, Engage Citizens with a New Health Radio Show 2011-2009 Citizen Journalism, Health/Science, Radio/Audio Ghana
Promoting Media Law Reforms and Strengthening Media Associations in Senegal 2011-2009 Basic Journalism, Multimedia Senegal
South Africa: Give Health News a Higher Profile 2011-2009 Health/Science, Multimedia, Print, Television/Video South Africa
Tanzania: Put the Spotlight on Rural Development 2011-2009 Environment, Health/Science, Print Tanzania
Capacity Development of Media Institutions Leaders in Yemen 2011-2010 Writing/Editing, Multimedia, Television/Video Yemen
Creating an International Association of Religion Journalists 2011-2010 Worldwide
India: Make Government Data More Accessible to Journalists 2011-2010 Investigative, Political India
Malawi: Shedding Light on Development in One of Africa’s Poorest Countries 2011-2010 Malawi
Malaysia: Design a Business Model for Robust Citizen Journalism 2011-2010 Citizen Journalism, Multimedia Malaysia
On the Margins No More: Citizen Journalism Training for Egyptian Women and Youth 2011-2010 Citizen Journalism, Multimedia Egypt