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Argentina: Create Tools to Collect, Analyze and Visualize Data for Investigative Stories

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At La Nación, one of Argentina’s leading daily newspapers, Knight International Journalism Fellow Sandra Crucianelli created the first team of investigative journalists who can track tax revenues earmarked for the country’s crumbling public services. She created a team of data journalists who can extract and analyze information for investigative stories. And as part of this effort, she helped La Nación launch Argentina’s first data blog, where journalists post data-driven stories and invite the public to respond and engage.

To expand training of data journalism to the provinces, Crucianelli worked with FOPEA, the national journalists association. FOPEA has offered its facilities for workshops and its website for online training targeting rural media.

Crucianelli also helped the local chapter of Hacks/Hackers create new applications for collecting and visualizing data. Among the planned projects: Mapa76, which helps journalists extract names from documents from the country’s “dirty war,” tracking perpetrators and victims of human rights abuses across hundreds of cases in ways never before possible.

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  • May 72012

    Worrisome Data, From Tunis

    62: The number of journalists murdered while working last year. 105: The number of countries that appealed a request for information related to the war on terror. 55: The number of countries that did not respond to the request for information in time and form; that is, they did not pass the transparency test. Argentina declined to respond all together, alleging national security concerns.

    Worrisome data, related to the lack of access to public information, was the subject of discussion by fellows from around the world working in different fields of communications.

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