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Chile: Expand Poderopedia, a Site Linking Business and Politics, Across the Region

Knight International Journalism Fellow Miguel Paz is speeding the development and use of the Knight News Challenge-winning platform Poderopedia, which reveals links among business and political leaders. He is bringing Poderopedia to Venezuela and to other nations, creating a cross-border community that uses the platform. He is introducing customized versions of Poderopedia in newsrooms and civic media projects. Paz is also developing, a much-needed Spanish data journalism toolkit and online community for sharing code, expertise and training resources. He is expanding Hacks/Hackers Santiago and working with this community to launch new chapters in Latin America. He is holding “radiothons” to introduce innovations in newsgathering and distribution developed in Africa that can be used by Latin American community radio.

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  • Apr 302013

    ICFJ’s Knight Projects, Partners Are Finalists for Data Journalism Awards

    A platform that monitors the fragile Amazon region; a site that illuminates connections among the powerful; and an investigation into corrupt spending practices by Argentina’s Senate are among the outstanding projects of ICFJ Knight International Journalism Fellows and their partners named finalists for 2013 Data Journalism Awards.

    Five projects from ICFJ Knight Fellows and their partners were shortlisted for the awards, which are the only international prizes exclusively for the growing field of data-driven journalism.

  • Mar 192013

    Bridging the Data Journalism Gap in Latin America

    In Latin America, there are few networks of journalists doing data journalism, little communication among them, and almost no communication with developers and designers. Lack of trust is a key impediment to helping each other improve our data journalism methods and embrace innovation in newsrooms. On top of that, although we have great journalists in our region, most of them do not speak or understand English (the language of most of the relevant tools) so there is a huge digital literacy gap.

    Today we take an important step toward bridging this gap, as we launch the collaborative writing of the Iberoamerican Data Journalism Handbook. This project will be written in our own languages by volunteer journalists, developers and designers from Mexico to Patagonia and Spain, with the mission of showing the state of data journalism in Iberoamerica, explaining how to do data journalism in our countries, improving our networks of communication, helping our community accelerate its learning and providing it with the tools to do better journalism.

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