Knight International Journalism Fellowships

Eastern Europe and Eurasia: Improving Sustainability in Investigative Journalism

Knight International Journalism Fellow Christopher Guess works with a network of media organizations and investigative reporting centers in Eastern Europe and Eurasia to develop long-term sustainability plans and better management practices.

Knight Fellow Christopher Guess develops long-term sustainability plans for investigative reporting centers in Eastern Europe and Eurasia.

With the help of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), Guess helps grant-funded organizations find new revenue streams and rely less on outside grants. He trains these media organizations and investigative reporting centers to use technological innovation and journalism strategies to become more sustainable.

Based in Sarajevo, Guess is also creating a set of steps for media sustainability that can be replicated by organizations in the region and, eventually, around the world.


  • Jun 292015

    ICFJ Knight Fellow: Let Journalism Be Weird

    Journalism has always been obsessed with perfection. The story has to be dead to rights, the copy desk better make sure it’s a semicolon, not an em-dash. If a headline’s wrong there will be hell to pay come the news meeting tomorrow morning.

    There is nothing wrong with this. In fact, it’s fantastic. Papers of record should, and must, be held to the most stringent and reliable quality. My issue is when this mentality of perfection crawls from the editor’s desk to the business desk and the production line.

  • Apr 302015

    Raising the Bar for 'Innovation'

    Words and terms are prone to periods of popularity. These turn of phrases rise, get inevitably coopted, overused and diluted and eventually fall far from grace.

    This has happened many times before, whether it’s “synergy” or “paradigm shift,” the words begin with value and then ring hollow after only a few short years. The most recent of these words to follow in this grand tradition is the star-child of the tech crowd, “innovate.”

    Like many of the high-flying terms over the years, “innovate” (and its brethren “innovation,” “innovating” and “innovative”) is a catch all.

  • Apr 12015

    On Assignment? Improve Your Digital Safety With These Simple Steps

    Over the last few years, computer security has finally become a discussion for more than just system administrators. These days one of the main concerns, understandably, is the security of data once it's left your machine. Once the data is out of your hands, it seems to be uncommonly easy to intercept.

    Encryption goes a long way to prevent "across the air" surveillance, but there’s also a mentality in the computer security world: If someone has physical access to your machine, nothing can stop them.

    When at home, most of these concerns can be managed.

  • Jan 142015

    How to Encrypt Emails Using Digital Plugin Mailvelope

    Encryption is important. There are very few people that would doubt that, especially in media.

    Too often the places we work in and the people we seek to expose are in a position to intercept, listen and read our communications. There are many tools available, but they are frequently difficult to understand, much less use.

    There are many levels of efforts to assuage paranoia, from fully encrypted VPN-only communication to air-gapped laptops.