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Investigative journalism for Arab journalists

Journalists from across the Arab world have the opportunity to participate in a new online training course on investigative journalism, offered by the Al Jazeera Media Training and Development Center, in cooperation with the International Center for Journalists.

The course will be held from April 30 to June 10, 2012 and is open to Arab journalists working in print, broadcast and online journalism.

During this course, the participants will learn:

  • How investigative reporting differs from other types of journalism
  • How to find story ideas
  • How to develop sources
  • Effective Internet research
  • Computer-assisted reporting (CAR)
  • How to conduct effective interviews
  • Organizing and writing an investigative report
  • Ethical considerations when working on an investigative report.

This course will be led by Hoda Osman, a NY-based reporter. Osman developed and taught numerous courses on digital journalism, investigative journalism, ethics and news editing. Hoda is the NY correspondent for France 24 Arabic and the NY financial correspondent for France24 English. She formerly worked as a consultant for CBS News (2007-2010), a field producer for ABC News (2003-2007) and a contributing correspondent for PBS' World Focus. She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the President of the Arab and Middle Eastern Journalist Association (AMEJA). Hoda has a BA in journalism and an MA in Middle Eastern Studies. Prior to moving to the U.S., she was based in Cairo where she worked with the Associated Press TV and ABC News.

For more information, contact training@aljazeera.net. To apply, click here.