The Tsinghua Global Business Journalism Program (GBJ)

The International Center for Journalists and Tsinghua University launched China’s first Global Business Journalism Program on September 17, 2007. It remains one-of-a-kind, having established itself as a leader and innovator in academics. Its professors are frequently invited to share their knowledge and techniques at universities across China and the world, as well as through media appearances. The overall goal of the program is to create a cadre of top-notch business reporters and editors, who can produce clear, balanced and insightful coverage of China’s markets and the global economy. GBJ will help make China’s markets more transparent and foster greater understanding between China and the international business community. ICFJ believes that transparency of the Chinese financial markets will lead to greater investor confidence and integration of China into the global financial infrastructure.

Tsinghua University, one of China’s premier research and teaching institutions, hosts seminars, briefings and field trips to supplement the demanding program. The program’s faculty also organizes parallel training workshops for working journalists throughout the academic year.

The facilities at Tsinghua include a laboratory of ten Bloomberg terminals, the largest of its kind in the world, where students can access an unparalleled database of financial information normally available only to sophisticated professionals. The journalism school has added in 2012 a virtual television studio, where computer-generated and real objects can be merged seamlessly, and a media-convergence laboratory offering students the latest tools to develop skills needed by digital journalists.

The cutting-edge curriculum incorporates the use of these facilities in courses such as "Multimedia Business Reporting," "Business News Data-Mining and Analysis" and "Economics and Accounting for Journalists."

About 40 students, Chinese and international, are admitted to the program each year. Those who complete the intense two-year program emerge with a network of valuable connections and sources that will enrich their reporting for years to come.

Job Opportunities and Networking

GBJ graduates are in high demand. Many are working in top Chinese and international media organizations such as Bloomberg News, China Daily, China Space News, Newsweek China, People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency and KBS (Korean Broadcasting System).

GBJ students have opportunities to attend conferences on new media, economic development and other business topics. They benefit from meetings and discussions with guest speakers, including top editors and reporters from leading Chinese and Western news outlets as well as international business executives.

Program Sponsors

Bloomberg is the sole sponsor of this program.

Tsinghua’s School of Journalism and Communication (TSJC) has a long history of cooperation with major international media and financial-information organizations such as Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, BusinessWeek, The New York Times, Financial Times, CNN and others. Their contributions have ranged from providing guest speakers to financial support and internships. The program also benefits from its proximity to Tsinghua’s top education and research institutions, as well as to the many media and technology companies in Beijing. Internships, field trips and recruiter visits are integral parts of the program.

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