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We design all of our programs to deliver maximum results. By investing heavily in monitoring and evaluating our initiatives, we show how good journalism can improve societies.

  • When I first started training Haitian journalists in investigative reporting skills in the summer of 2010, I wasn’t sure I could overcome the mountain of obstacles: a culture that didn’t include investigations; newsrooms that were so focused on daily events that verification was as rare as research; widespread lack of information, data and sources or worse, sources who divulged no information or data; and journalists themselves who weren’t even sure what I meant by investigations.

    March 12, 2012
  • It’s been nearly a year since Léogâne, Haiti, just fifteen miles from the epicenter of January’s earthquake, was reduced to rubble. Non-governmental organizations have pledged the funds to build more than 28,000 transitional shelters for local residents, but so far only a fraction of them have actually been constructed. Thousands of residents are still stranded in makeshift tent camps.

    This month, a team of investigative reporters I’m training managed to expose, in a front-page report in Haiti’s only daily newspaper, some of the reasons for the delays.

    December 10, 2010