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Ethiopia: Launch the Country's First Health Journalists' Association 2015-2011 Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Health
Argentina: Launch an Innovation Challenge to Promote the Development of Digital Media in Latin America 2015-2013 Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires
Africa: Improving and Expanding Technology 2015-2014 Code for South Africa
Coding for Latin America: Using new technology to improve lives 2015-2014
Sub-Saharan Africa: Spurring Innovation and Experimentation in Newsrooms 2014-2011 African Media Initiative
Nigeria: Launch New Pan-African Health Journalists' Network 2014-2011 This Day Newspaper
Latin America: Improve Interactive Storytelling and Create a Corps of Tech-savvy Women in Newsrooms 2014-2013 La Nación
Chile: Expand Poderopedia, a Site Linking Business and Politics, Across the Region 2014-2013
Brazil: Expand the Use of Satellite Mapping and Other Technologies to Improve Environmental Reporting 2014-2013
Nigeria: Increasing Citizen Engagement With Health News 2014
Panama: Develop a New System to Map and Investigate Crime and Corruption 2013-2010
India: Enhance a Cutting-Edge, Multimedia Academy and Help Make it Sustainable 2013-2011 Greycells Education
Sub-Saharan Africa: Develop New Business Models 2013-2011 African Media Initiative
Sub-Saharan Africa: Launch a Storytelling Challenge to Spur Innovative Coverage of Health and Development 2013-2011 African Media Initiative
Argentina: Create Tools to Collect, Analyze and Visualize Data for Investigative Stories 2013-2012
Brazil: Launch a Digital Map That Uses Open Data to Monitor the Amazon 2013-2012
Nigeria: Giving Citizens in the Niger Delta a Voice on Health Issues 2013-2012
India: Use Mobile Technology to Bring News to Isolated Tribal Communities 2012-2009 CGNet Swara
Mozambique: Bring Rural Health Issues to National Attention 2012-2009 MediaCoop
Haiti: Track Aid Funds to Ensure a Strong Recovery 2012-2010
Nat'l Assn. of Haitian Media
Assn. of Haitian Journalists
Middle East: Start Up Investigative Reporting Teams at Major News Outlets 2012-2010 Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ)
Indonesia: Launch a Mobile Environmental News Service for Rural Communities 2012-2011 Ruai TV
Colombia: Use Crowd Sourcing Technology to Track Crime and Corruption 2012-2011
South Africa: Create Multimedia Health Coverage 2012-2011 South African Broadcasting Corporation
Middle East: Launch a Network to Connect Journalists with IT Experts 2012-2011