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Past Projects

Project Yearsort icon Partner
India: Improving News Technologies and Access to Information 2016-2015 Hindustan Times
Global: Bolstering Digital Security and Data Privacy for Journalists around the World 2016-2015 Iraq Foundation
Eastern Europe and Eurasia: Improving Sustainability in Investigative Journalism 2016-2014 Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP)
Sub-Saharan Africa: Strengthening storytelling & audience engagement through data journalism & civic innovation 2017-2016 Code for Africa
Nigeria: Generating new health and development-focused data sources to improve storytelling 2017-2016
Latin America: Advancing the Business Strategies of Spanish-Speaking Digital News Entrepreneurs 2017-2016 SembraMedia
Kenya: Driving citizen engagement through data-driven stories on health and development 2017-2015
India: Engaging Citizens and Journalists for Better Health, Gender and Development Coverage 2018-2017
Pakistan: Driving citizen engagement and collaboration on open data 2018-2016 The Express Tribune
Pakistan: Introducing Immersive, Data-Driven Storytelling and Launching News Innovation Teams 2018-2016
Project Yearsort icon Partner
South Africa: Journalism Training (2000) 2000 Rhodes University
Botswana: Journalism Training (2000) 2000 University of Bostwana
Ethiopia: Journalism Training (2000) 2000 Unity College
Lebanon: Journalism Training (2000) 2000 Lebanese American University (LAU)
China, Hong Kong and Taiwan: Journalism Training (2000) 2000 Hong Kong Baptist University
Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Western Samoa: Journalism Training (2000) 2000
Fiji Journalism Training Institute
Indonesia and Singapore: Journalism Training (2000) 2000 Asian Mass Communication Research and Information Centre
Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia: Journalism Training (2000) 2000
Hungary: Journalism Training (2000) 2000 Center for Independent Journalism
Slovakia: Journalism Training (2000) 2000 Academia Istropolitana Nova
Albania: Journalism Training (2000) 2000 Albanian Media Institute
Paraguay: Journalism Training (2000) 2000 Sindicato de Periodistas del Paraguay
Peru: Journalism Training (2000) 2000 Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas
Brazil: Journalism Training (2000) 2000
Chile: Journalism Training (2000) 2000 Universidad Diego Portales
South Africa: Journalism Training (2001) 2001
African Eye News Service
Zambia: Journalism Training (2001) 2001 Zambia Institute of Mass Communication
Kenya: Journalism Training (2001) 2001 Mohamed Amin Foundation
Mongolia: Journalism Training (2001) 2001
Cambodia: Journalism Training (2001) 2001 Royal University of Phnom Penh
Cambodia and Thailand: Journalism Training (2001) 2001
Singapore: Journalism Training (2001) 2001 Asian Media Information and Communication Centre
Hungary and Slovakia: Journalism Training (2001) 2001 Center for Independent Journalism
Bulgaria: Journalism Training (2001) 2001 Media Development Center
Hungary: Journalism Training (2001) 2001 Center for Independent Journalism