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Peru: Create the First Broadcast Training Center

A team of trainers, formed and coached by Hena Cuevas in Peru, is helping the country's largest network of TV stations improve its journalism and technical skills.

Hena Cuevas trained broadcast news reporters and producers in Peru to improve the quality of news reports and increase local news in national coverage. Her partner, the National Association of Local Television Channels (Red TV), is Peru’s largest network of local TV stations, an alliance of 40 independent channels that reaches more than a third of Peru’s TV viewers. She has created a two-person training team that is working with Red TV’s affiliates to improve everything from reporting standards to camera work.

Cuevas also helped Red TV to produce the first live feeds from communities around the country during the April presidential elections. She set up a system that allowed local stations to feed reports live over the Internet using Facebook—a first for Red TV. The coverage attracted a record 10,000 visitors on election night alone. Red TV then provided live streaming of the runoff vote on June 5.

Before Cuevas started her fellowship, 80 percent of the stories sent in by the participating stations for the main national news program needed heavy edits. Now, only a few of their stories need any editing at all, improving the overall quality of the nightly report. Veteran Red TV journalist Zenaida Solis will lead the training team once the fellowship ends.

Our Stories


  • Aug 202010

    Getting To Know You

    One small, but very enterprising TV association in Lima, Peru aims to be inclusive and provide true coverage to an entire country... all with a little help from some friends.

    The H is silent. That’s how I usually explain how my name is pronounced.  I thought it would no longer be an issue in Peru, but it turns out it’s an even bigger problem here! Locals pronounce the H with a guttural sound making my name sound German. Oh well.

  • Jun 102010

    One, two, three... blog!

    On June 10th, 2010, the five Knight International Fellows met to learn about blogging. Using our own laptop computers, we were introduced to the way of setting up and working with our own blogs. We were given new Nikon cameras so we can add photos and video to this blog. The idea is to share our progress.

In the News


  • How does one television network with limited resources cover election issues in a country like Peru, spanning 500,000 square miles? With the help of Knight Fellow Hena Cuevas.

  • 09/27/2011
  • Knight Fellow Hena Cuevas, in a Skype interview from Peru, discusses how provincial TV stations were able to contribute stories to a national news program. It was a new feature that was part of the Knight Fellowship efforts to improve political coverage in the country.

  • Knight International Journalism Fellow Hena Cuevas discusses Peru's most recent general election in a Skype interview from Lima.

  • 04/15/2011