Knight International Journalism Fellowships

Sierra Leone: Launch the First Public Broadcasting Service

Knight International Journalism Fellow Stephen Douglas discusses his ICFJ fellowship in Sierra Leone.

Stephen Douglas launched the country’s first media training center at the new Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC), and served as its interim director. He coordinated all journalism and media management training funded by groups such as Deutsche Welle, Journalists for Human Rights, BBC World Service Trust and the United Nations. Courses range from media law and basic radio reporting to journalism ethics and TV camera operation. Douglas compiled a training “bible” that will include all of the guidelines he has developed during the fellowship, including a guide to help members of SLBC’s board of directors follow the principles of public broadcasting. As part of that effort, he developed hiring guidelines for all positions at SLBC. He also helped to design the new public broadcaster’s first website.


  • Jun 102010


    President Ernest Bai Koroma inspecting the troops on Independence Day, April 27, 2010.

    The SOS School in Freetown, Sierra Leone - sponsored by a German NGO. This is Fatumata, a 10 year old student at SOS.