Dow Jones Foundation Webinar Series

ICFJ Knight Fellows Chris Roper and Raymond Joseph gave tips for journalists on how to use social media.

Thanks to generous support from the Dow Jones Foundation, ICFJ is hosting a series of free webinars on critical tech topics for journalists around the world.

For one of the latest webinars in the series, ICFJ Knight Fellows Chris Roper and Raymond Joseph shared social media strategies for journalists and, in particular, Twitter’s capacity to reinvent journalism for media companies.

Roper is the data editor for ICFJ’s Code for Africa data journalism initiative in four hub countries: Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania, while Joseph is an ICFJ Knight Fellow working with Code for South Africa to strengthen storytelling and audience engagement through data journalism and civic innovation.

Previous ICFJ-Dow Jones webinars:

How to Improve Workflow in Digital Newsrooms

The latest webinar took place on Dec. 9, 2015, and it was led by Nasr ul Hadi, ICFJ’s first Knight Fellow based in India. Ul Hadi guided participants on how to transform newsroom practices to take full advantage of digital sourcing, production and distribution tools.

Ul Hadi brings years of experience in print and broadcast newsrooms to his work as a Knight Fellow. He is working with news media in India to develop and expand the use of news technologies and improve access to quality information.

Ul Hadi works closely with senior staff at the Hindustan Times to propose systemic changes while training reporters on the use of digital tools like and Dataminr to implement his overall vision for the modern sustainable newsroom.

Twitter for Journalists

The fifth webinar was held on Nov. 18, 2015, and it was led by ICFJ’s Africa-based Fellows, Code for Africa’s Chris Roper and Raymond Joseph. This webinar focused on social media strategies and, in particular, Twitter’s capacity to reinvent journalism for media companies. You can read a writeup of the webinar here.

Best Practices for Digital Media Innovation

The fourth webinar in the series was held on June 4, 2015, and led by ICFJ Knight Fellow Mariano Blejman. Blejman shared advice on how to build sustainable models for media startups to generate their own revenue and attract investors.

Blejman is a trailblazing journalist and digital entrepreneur based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He founded the Hacks/Hackers chapter in Buenos Aires, which now counts more than 5,000 members. 

Blejman also organizes the Hacks/Hackers Media Party in Buenos Aires, an annual gathering that showcases new ideas and innovative projects drawing leaders in digital journalism from around the world. Blejman continues to support the seeding and growth of digital media startups with his Media Factory incubator and the HacksLabs data journalism accelerator he founded in 2013.

How to Analyze Data

The third webinar took place on Dec. 9, 2014, and was led ICFJ Knight Fellow Friedrich Lindenberg. In his talk, Lindenberg provided resources for investigative journalists to help simplify how they analyze data.

During his fellowship, Lindenberg worked with journalists and watchdog organizations to develop data resources and investigative tools for Code for Africa and the African Network of Centers for Investigative Reporting.

Mapping for Journalists

The second hour-long webinar in this series was led on May 7, 2014, by ICFJ Knight Fellow Gustavo Faleiros on digital tools that journalists can use to map data.

Faleiros is an environmental journalist who focuses on data journalism. During his first Knight International Journalism Fellowship in 2012, he launched InfoAmazonia, a digital map that uses satellite and other publicly available data to monitor the Amazon rainforest.

During his second year as a Knight Fellow, he created the Environmental News Innovation Lab— ((o))eco Lab— a corps of journalists, developers, designers and data whizzes. The group has launched JEO, a geojournalism platform, along with other products.

Journalists' Security

On Dec. 17, 2013, the first webinar in this Dow Jones Foundation-sponsored series was led by Knight International Journalism Fellow Jorge Luis Sierra.

Sierra, a digital security expert, is an award-winning Mexican investigative reporter and editor who specialized in reporting on conflict-related topics like organized crime, gang activity, counterinsurgency and drug trafficking.

His webinar covered the latest digital and mobile security tools and practices for journalists around the world.