Deandre Williamson

IJNet Opportunities Editor

Checking IJNet for opportunities has been a part of my daily routine for years, long before I became the site’s opportunities editor. I understand how journalists around the world depend on IJNet for opportunities, tools and resources to advance their careers. This is why I take pride in my duty to curate and share some of the most prized opportunities available for journalists in countries and regions across the globe: I want other journalists to benefit from IJNet the same way I did.

I participated in the 2021 United Nations Reham al-Farra Memorial Journalism Fellowship and the 2019-20 Poynter-Koch Media and Journalism Fellowship, both opportunities I found through IJNet. Opportunities are also found in IJNet’s weekly English newsletter, which I produce and disseminate virtually from the comfort of my home in The Bahamas.

My background: Starting my career as a professional journalist in 2007 in the converged newsroom of Jones Communications Network, I’m now an editor and reporter for its subsidiary newspaper, The Bahama Journal. I also used to work as a television and radio reporter at the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas (ZNS).

I won the 2020 Bahamas Press Club Best Business Story Award for print journalism, and in 2016, I won the paper competition award at the Walter Cronkite Conference on Media Ethics and Integrity in St. Joseph, Missouri. I have received several degrees in journalism, including a master’s from Point Park University, a bachelor’s from Georgia State University and an associate’s from the College of The Bahamas.

Ask about me: Traveling, parasailing, boating, teaching, photography and Bahamian cuisine

Contact me:, on LinkedIn and on Twitter