Our Mission

We empower journalists to deliver trustworthy news essential for vibrant societies.

ICFJ works at the nexus of journalism and technology, building the expertise and storytelling skills of reporters worldwide. Through our work, journalists are enhancing news coverage and connecting more deeply with their audiences. As a result, we are increasing the flows of reliable, trustworthy news - a cornerstone of healthy democracies. We believe that better journalism leads to better lives.

Our Impact

  • Through hard-hitting coverage, our participants have toppled corrupt governments, promoted better laws, and made communities safer and healthier.

  • We spread media innovation, leading to scores of startups and new tools for better storytelling.
  • Our International Journalists’ Network, published in seven languages, has enriched media professionals with the latest tech trends and training opportunities.

ICFJ is a nonprofit that has worked with more than 140,000 journalists from 180 countries.