Our Mission


We enable a global network of journalists to provide the trustworthy news essential to free and strong societies.

Their vital work strengthens democratic ideals and spurs change. At ICFJ, we serve more than 177,000 journalists around the world, helping them cover the most critical issues of today, innovate to deeply connect with communities, and build news organizations that thrive.

At ICFJ, we know “it takes a journalist.” That’s why we support journalists everywhere as they face immense challenges: online and physical attacks, disinformation, an erosion of trust, an ever-changing media landscape, and threats to their freedom and their lives.

We equip news media to address these challenges, building skills and fostering connections among our vibrant, global network. ICFJ programs include a mix of training, mentorship, fellowships and financial support. We focus our efforts on three strategic areas vital to the future health of journalism and those it informs:

  • We SERVE reporters and editors, giving them the tools and knowledge to cover the most critical issues of today.
  • We help journalists INNOVATE, using new tools and techniques to build trust and engage with communities.
  • We help independent newsrooms THRIVE financially, adopting effective business models to ensure they can serve their purpose well into the future.


Our Impact

We leverage our global network to ensure that great ideas and learnings spread exponentially. Our one-of-a-kind International Journalists’ Network (IJNet) publishes journalism training opportunities, tips and trends in eight languages. Our cutting-edge research finds solutions that shape the future of independent and trustworthy public-interest journalism – and also informs our own work.

The ICFJ network is 177,000+ journalists strong.


As an organization for journalists built by journalists, ICFJ has offered support and resources to the news media for nearly four decades. Our network members help their communities make better informed decisions, expand understanding, and call out abuses of power. What they do is vital to improve and even save lives. 

With ICFJ’s support, journalists in our network have:

  • Exposed the misuse of billions of dollars in public funds, putting corrupt officials behind bars and resulting in better laws.
  • Increased and deepened coverage of marginalized communities and under-reported stories.
  • Improved their news organizations’ audience reach and business operations, toward greater sustainability.

Over the last five years alone, ICFJ has operated in 125 countries. Learn more about our programs and see our latest impact report.


Our Guiding Values

Our values govern our decision-making and inform how we operate in pursuit of our mission. We believe that: 

  • Journalism is a pillar of democracy. By reporting in the public interest, journalists equip people with the information they need to participate in the democratic process.
  • Independence is non-negotiable. All of the journalistic projects ICFJ supports maintain editorial independence. Operating free of outside influence is fundamental to journalism.
  • Accountability matters. We support reporting that holds the powerful to account. We also hold ourselves to account, operating at the highest standards for our profession.
  • Inclusion makes us stronger. We strive to make ICFJ and our programming welcoming and supportive of all people. We work to expand the diversity of voices shaping news coverage and those reflected in it.
  • Trustworthiness is foundational. Without trust in news and its institutions, journalism cannot serve its highest purpose. We prioritize trust-building in the work we do with our network.
  • Collaboration is a priority. ICFJ is committed to fostering a healthy exchange of ideas so we can surface and share solutions across borders.
  • Bold thinking is a must. It empowers us to harness our creativity to experiment, innovate and embrace continuous learning.


Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

ICFJ is committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion. We intentionally reflect this commitment in our policies, our actions and our work serving a global community of journalists. See our DEI policy.