The ICFJ Global Network

ICFJ’s global network is made up of tens of thousands of journalists who are making a difference through their work. Many have participated directly in our programs or received ICFJ awards, while others have worked with our Knight Fellows and partner networks.

ICFJ offers the journalists in our growing network opportunities to deepen their skills, collaborate with colleagues across borders, build more sustainable news outlets and more.  In response to COVID-19, for example, ICFJ launched the Global Health Crisis Reporting Forum in five languages. The initiative has since evolved into the Pamela Howard Forum on Global Crisis Reporting. Today it is made up of nearly 13,000 members from all over the world. We build, develop and connect the global journalism community through initiatives like this.

Latest News

Women Journalists Making Change in the Newsroom and Beyond

June 30, 2022

Catherine Gicheru is very familiar with glass ceilings, and how to break them.

She became the first woman news editor of the Nation Media Group, later serving as the founding editor of The Star in Kenya. That’s when Catherine first joined the ICFJ network, as one of a cohort of top news editors we brought to the U.S. to learn from their peer newsrooms. 

Covering COVID-19’s Impact on Marginalized Communities

June 29, 2022

A cross-border team of journalists shone a light on rural healthcare in Ecuador, the United States and Zimbabwe, while another reporting duo surfaced how Latinas with disabilities navigated the pandemic, in stories supported by the ICFJ-Hearst Foundations Global Health Crisis Reporting Grant.

From Brazil to Togo: How ICFJ Community Managers Are Strengthening Journalism in Their Regions

June 16, 2022
This community could not have been built without our driven, all-star t team of community managers and moderators overseeing our five language fora – in Arabic, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Beyond managing the five fora, these journalists are increasingly being recognized as international leaders as they build our community on a regional and global level. 

ICFJ’s Global Crisis Reporting Forum Now Offering Trainings, Resources in Arabic

May 10, 2022

Arabic-speaking journalists have a valuable new resource to deepen their coverage of conflict, migration, climate change, health crises and more – ICFJ’s Pamela Howard Forum on Global Crisis Reporting.

The Forum, already available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, has expanded to serve Arabic speakers. Across five languages, the initiative connects journalists with resources, experts and each other to enhance reporting on critical global issues of local importance.