Desirée Esquivel

Community Manager, Spanish

As the coronavirus pandemic created opportunities for journalists to learn new ways to communicate, I took on the challenge of leading the Global Health Crisis Reporting Forum community in Spanish. This was ICFJ’s first program created to engage its global community, and together we won the 2021 ONA Community Award. The keys to our success include collaboration among communicators, sharing work resources, reaching out to the scientific community and other experts, and above all the willingness to listen and learn. I have always been a supporter of sharing knowledge with fellow journalists and students, and also fortunate to meet generous people who shared their experiences. I consider constant training very important to keep my skills up to date, and for all journalists to help one another improve.

My background: I have worked in the media since I was 14 years old. My first work experience was in a community radio station in my hometown, Itá, Paraguay. My desire to learn led me in high school to join the Young Journalism course of the national newspaper ABC Color, my first education in written journalism. I studied Communication Sciences at the National University of Asunción. I worked at ABC Color and other media in my country: Radio Nacional, Prensa Cooperativa, La Prensa, Radio 970 AM of Grupo Nación. Since then, I have dedicated myself to entrepreneurship, thanks to the experience of being an Ambassador for SembraMedia. I have been an Ambassador for four years, a period in which I also co-founded the first science journalism media in Paraguay, Ciencia del Sur.

Ask me about: Opportunities and trainings for journalists in Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain (primarily), community management and, above all, how to raise cats

My pronouns: She/her

Contact me: On Twitter and LinkedIn