Emma Kerr

Program Assistant

Growing up, I always had a strong desire to fight injustice, promote civic activism, and encourage the spread of vital information hinged on advancing human rights. As disinformation runs rampant and press freedom is threatened daily, fostering the safety and stability of local journalism around the world is the greatest endeavor in shaping a better tomorrow.

As a program assistant at ICFJ, I help administer and develop programs that foster fact-based journalism and empower journalists to continue their work in informed reporting globally. I work with government organizations, grant recipients, program participants, and consultants to facilitate seamless program administration.

My background: I graduated from Indiana University Bloomington with majors in political science and Arabic, minoring in international relations. While in college, I worked at my local courthouse, helping people understand legal procedures that are largely inaccessible and complicated without a legal background. After college, I worked at the Middle East Institute as a program consultant for their language learning center. In 2023, I was a digital communications intern at the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy, focusing on publishing social media campaigns and supporting journalists in the Middle East.

Ask me about: MENA press freedom, my three cats, and horror movies.

Pronouns: She/her

Contact: ekerr@icfj.org and on LinkedIn