Heloise Hakimi Le Grand

Communications and Marketing Officer

As the Communications and Marketing Officer, Heloise Hakimi Le Grand aims to increase the visibility of ICFJ’s mission and programs through social media campaigns, PR efforts and partnerships. From communication strategies and media outreach to social media analytics and editorial work, she supports the efforts of the Communications team, ICFJ and journalists. 

She is committed to holding those in power accountable and amplifying the voices of all individuals through supporting journalists around the world. A native of Paris, France, she is especially interested in the impact of cross-border collaboration to uncover global stories. She graduated from UCLA in 2020, where she earned degrees in Political Science, Communications, and Film, TV and Digital Media. Her passion for digital content, politics and journalism led her to join ICFJ in 2019.

Her previous professional experiences include producing audio content at Crooked Media, promoting the work of a California-based theater company and covering the Los Angeles art scene for art and culture magazine, The Paper Mixtape.