Maggie Farley

Senior Director of Innovation and Knight Fellowships

Traveling and reporting all around the world taught me that the great ideas that people use everywhere can come from anywhere.

As director of ICFJ’s flagship Knight Fellowships, I am always looking for journalists with a big idea that will help change the way we report, analyze and share our news. Innovation is not always about the shiny, new technology – it can be a new way of thinking about an old way of doing things. The ICFJ Knight Fellowships help support a global network of journalists who drive news innovation and experimentation worldwide. 

My background: My experience as a Los Angeles Times foreign correspondent, American University adjunct professor, and Google News Initiative Teaching Fellow helps support that journalistic innovation. I understand what it takes to deeply report a story, engage a news community, fight misinformation and use tech tools for compelling storytelling.

Ask me about: Email me if you have an innovative idea, collaboration proposal – or just want to chat about dogs, skiing and good chocolate.

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