Paul Adepoju

Community Manager, English

I grew up around journalists at Nigeria’s first TV station, where my dad worked as an accountant. Getting backstage access to the glamour shown on TV made me realize that journalists, the popular news bearers, don’t often have everything figured out. In my current capacity, I’m able to support journalists across the world with information, resources, training, access and interactions to better position them to cover COVID-19 and other issues. 

My background: I have a core background in biomedical science — from testing for diseases, screening for new drug targets and teaching undergrads, to reporting science. As a journalist, I’ve written pieces for major platforms, including Devex, Quartz, CNN, Nature, The Lancet, New Scientist  and several other major outlets, covering several beats including development, health, science and technology.

I’m a PhD candidate of Nigeria’s premier university, the University of Ibadan, with a master’s in cell biology and genetics, and several certificates and awards in journalism. 

Ask me about: Writing, multimedia journalism, science and working from home

My pronouns: He/him

Contact me: and on LinkedIn